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My Old House

My Dad and his brother shared a narrow little house. We got the side facing north. Uncle's family and grandma all lived on the South side and owned a 2nd floor. Their living room/bedroom was right above our bedroom.


Shortly after my parents got married, they decided to block the door between the South and north with a closet. When people live too close together, many things get complicated. Even family members won't be exceptions.

We had one living room/dining room/study room and one bedroom to begin with. When I was about 10, they had a kitchen built up, which occupied some of the public lane space. There was no bathroom. I'll talk more about the details in the future pictures.

The old house we lived in was in the middle of the Long 82(that was the name of our Lilong): so we were surrounded by neighbors from all directions.

I've heard Seattleites talking about how to increase the communication between neighbors. I'm not too obsessed with this idea since I come from a neighborhood where there was too much neighborly interactions.

Now when I look back, I mostly think about good happy things: I could see neighbor's dog and cat running by. We could walk into neighbor's home to borrow soy sauce. Those nice things are the reason why I want to draw this series.

But if you ask me whether I want to live there again? I'll probably say no.

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