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There wasn’t much spare space in the bedroom. My parents’ bed occupied most of it. There were many closets in the room, but they were never enough for our needs.

My bed was a folding bed. Every morning my parents would fold it up to get some small empty space.

It was the same blue color as the baby stroller and stool. I believe that they came used and my Dad painted them all.

My uncle’s family lived right above our bedroom. The floor in between was just a single layer of wooden board. So we could hear each other pretty well.

There was almost no natural light in the bedroom and the ceiling was pretty low.(about 2m. 6′7″). In my impression it was always dark。 We usually only stayed at that room for sleeping or watching TV.

We three squeezed in the little room until I was about 10. Some change happened and we got additional space to live in. That was very lucky of us because I was growing older and older.

However at that time, I didn’t feel the living condition was bad or tough or anything. First I was too little. Second I didn’t know life could be any other way.

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